Wonderful Ways GPS Technology And Car Navigation Systems Can Improve Lives

Global positioning technology (GPS), represents the set of satellites that move around the Earth, making it possible to track location. GPS, as it is called, is used in a variety of ways and to facilitate different things. It has been used by the military, its technology is employed with cell phones, and it even helps lost animals find their way back to the houses of their families. It has really made life much easier, and it is expected to still do so. One major advantage, is with Car Navigation Systems. Not only have they made it easier to track cars and automobiles generally, new discoveries point that if these technologies are made consistently, more ways would be created to the benefit of our society. For your perusal, we have listed out some of the uses of GPS navigation system and automated technology as it is used today. Keeping Kids In Close Proximity: Certain GPS technologies such as uLocate Communications, would make you never lose sight of your adolescents. With the click of a button, you can follow the activities of your family members using their mobile phones. The price for services like these are relatively low. Some are around $4 to $5 monthly, depending on the service of your choice. When you think of the benefits, the peace of mind you enjoy, outweighs the costs. Monitoring Senior Citizens: Asides kids, elderly citizens could also be tracked with this same GPS technology. You would be amazed at how much ground they intend to cover with it. Where you have relatives who suffer from Dementia, in all the forms it could come, it helps you track them with ease. Also, rather than using phones to track them, scientists now want to create ID bracelets in tracking GPS. The goal is to make it much easier for senior citizens to be consistently monitored for their own safety.

Create Your Free Telugu Jathakam for Marriage on Mera Astro

The need for horoscope matching and a happy married life go hand in hand when it comes to Hindu marriages. The importance given to Kundali matching is tremendous when one dives into traditional weddings, given its practice since the time of Vedic periods. The prospective groom and bride's horoscopes are matched for proper insight into their future compatibility. Marriage is a holy union of the souls that are meant to last a lifetime and hence the kundali matching is inevitable. Also known as the Jathakam, it is one of the most important documents in the field of jyothisham or astrology which can help an individual understand his life and purpose and come handy when it comes to major life events like that of marriage and career options.

How easy is creating a free Telugu Jathakam?

Jathakam or the natal chart not only gives you insights on your marriage but also has life-changing effects on one's everyday life and behavior. With the Jathakam you can plan out your life in a better way and dodge away from a myriad of difficulties which wouldn't have been possible without it. We know how busy life has made us these days. Though the need and want to curate a Jathakam is indispensable, the lack of time and money may prohibit people at times to get one done.

Not anymore! With the ability to access the internet from anywhere, there's the entitled facility of creating a Free Telugu Jathakam anytime anywhere with just filling in some basic details. With accurate natal charts, you're ready for the Jathakam you always wanted to possess.

Kundali Milan :

It is very important to compare your Jathakam or Kundali when it comes to marriages. There are gunas that are matched and a match of eighteen gunas or above gets an appreciative nod for marriage. There can also be predictions of childbirth, compatibility of the couple, and the span of the bond. There are also ways that are instructed that could curb out any negativity in the marriage. Any dosha or flaw is treated with much importance and the influence of stars on the marital life of the couple is tested.

Various factors :

There are a plethora of factors when it comes to a proper match of Jathakam. The prospective bride and groom need to have a thorough check of their moon's position as most of the matchmaking depends on this factor. For a prospective couple to take a step further, it is believed that 50% of the gunas should match. The comparison is termed as  Ashthakoot Milaan, which depicts eight aspects of guna. The eight aspects are named below :

  • Varna
  • Vasya/Vashya
  • Tara/Dina
  • Yoni
  • Grah Maitri/Rasyadipati
  • Gana
  • Rashi or Bhakoota
  • Nadi

Why choose Mera Astro?

With the constant fame that the internet has garnered for the field of astrology, it isn't uncommon for most people to come across a variety of anthology sites that over promise and under deliver. Leave all these worries behind and get every worth of your faith and money. A comprehensive online pathology platform, Mera Astro's Horoscope Matching software is a superbly reliable method to check the compatibility that you share with your to-be partner.  For more insights consulting an astrologer well versed in his craft is always a good idea.


Tech and Social Trends That Are Seriously Changing Workplace Health and Wellness Benefits Today

According to Goode Intelligence, we are expected to have 5.5 billion users of mobile and wearable biometrics by 2019. It is expected that public fitness facilities will become much more sophisticated and specialized than it is today. According to New York Times, companies are expected to save costs by shifting the burden for health care out of their hands.


As you can already tell, incorporating these devices in workplaces would make it much more virtual. The article “13 Important Virtual Workplace Statistics and Trends” by Brandon Gaille, puts it in perspective. Rather than putting effort and funding into employees wellness and other health benefit plans, instilling core values and building a healthy work culture will become the norm.From the above, you would tell that the workplace would no longer be the motivating place for the improvement of employee health or providing health insurance.


It would now become a coalition of people with common goals, hopefully inspired by wonderful leaders.In my opinion, we are closer to the reality of electronic communication being a part of the daily work and lives as well.The challenge then is how well an employer can connect with his or her employees in this constantly changing environment. One way to do so is to communicate by leveraging on the physical world. Possibly incorporate the use of print some more.

Believe it or not, old-fashioned, brochures, newsletters, and posters barely have competition today.Hence, they can connect to electronic resources that keep the print media relevant to its audience. This video by IKEA on the enduring qualities of print media, "Experiencing the power of a book, would give you a better idea in a very hilarious way.If these things are so well done, there would not be a lot of competition from other media.A well customized periodic printed newsletter, would certainly be great for announcing and informing them of some of all the changes predicted here.


The Latest High Tech Running Machine: Reebok T7.5 Treadmill

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High Frequency

It is designed for high frequency of usage and carries a 10-year motor warrantyThe machine takes up a minimal space of 63cm x 91cm when it is folded up. In fact, the transformation and soft drop system makes folding and unfolding the treadmill user friendly for all It, however, has a very high price tag that could discourage any person. The high cost of $1900 for this high tech running machine would naturally be a turn-off

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Cushioned System

It is equipped with the Intelligent Cushioned System (ICS) that assists users in working out even longer and preventing injuries. The wireless receiver offers accurate heart rate readings from the chest transmitters as well, but that is traded separately.to those who are trying to get a treadmill with a lower and possibly affordable price. However, for those who require a well-equipped treadmill that will be useful

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Double Impact

Double impact shocks can now be avoided, and you can now burn more calories with longer muscular contractions. A free heart rate strap is included to monitor your hearts beats per minute while you run, and you can make use of the treadmills heart rate control programs that actively monitor your movements too for many years to come, this is certainly the best option for them who wish to do uphill training, .

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The Reebok T7

The Reebok T7.5 treadmill comes with a touch-LCD as well, allowing users to store up their personal data to up to 9 user profiles. The programs will self-adjust according to the user's goal of the overall calories burnt, running distance or direction. These advantages are just the tip of the iceberg as there are many more The Reebok T7.5 Treadmill supports incline levels up to 15% to aid users lose weight, and basically stay fit.


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